With a white handle and a bristle so beautiful you'll be amazed, this makeup brush was imagined and designed by KOYUDO's legendary artisan, Yoshiki. Not only is it beautiful, but you'll also be moved by the soft and delicate feel of the bristle. It's not just soft. The brush is dense for use with any kind of makeup. The white handle is decorated with traditional Japanese maple leaves and cherry blossoms. Each brush handle has been carefully hand painted. This brush has been crafted with the artist's love and care. Not only is this brush beautiful, it is easier to use than other makeup brushes. This is because it has been personally designed by Yoshiki for ease of use. This clever technique has been handed down to us. This brush will be the most important brush in your makeup set. Come with a box uses recycled paper from paper cranes placed in Hiroshima Memorial Park.

The bristles on this brush are very dense, which gives you flawless coverage overall. The bristles are soft, but the entire brush itself is not at all floppy, every single trace of powder goes onto your skin. It is rounded and fits any pressed powder compact, and you can swirl it in with ease while catching a perfect amount of powder. The broad dimensions of the foundation brush let you work quickly in professional result. Creates a seamless looking finish for foundation.