[M Portable Series]
"I want to go out with a makeup brush in my bag, but it's a bit large for a pouch and gets dirty."
Have you ever thought like that?
These brushes are compact to be perfect to carry in your bag and come with a lid to keep the brushes clean. The tip works as a normal-sized brush. Perfect item for a trip.
The brush has a cap so you can close it for use on the go.

Apply your lipstick, lip gloss or stain with perfect precision even when you are on the go. The bristles are packed densely, so it does not bend during application. The Kolinsky hair is enough soft, with just the correct amount of density that gives a perfectly soft stiffness for application.

Product Info
Full / Hair length: 120mm (4.72in.) (115mm - when the cap is on) / 10mm (0.39in.)
Shape: Flat
Material: Kolinsky
Softness (degree 1-10): 5