[BP Series]
Welcome to a world of luxury. We hope you enjoy these brush, made by skilled artisans all the way from the material selection process to the actual finishing touches. These brush will help you achieve the make-up you desire. Since these are a high class items, bring out a level of comfort which will surely satisfy you. Its simple and thick design makes it easy to use for everyone, and we have devoted special attention to the fine quality of the brush's tip, which makes it especially enjoyable.

Perfect for drawing the outline of eyebrows. The firm, angled kolinsky bristles deliver a smooth, precise line every time. Also great for filling in the brows using eyeshadow or browshadow.

Full 131.5mm (5.17in.) Hair 6.5mm (0.25in.)
Shape: Angled
Hair: Kolinsky
Usage: Eyebrow, Concealer, Eyeliner
Softness (degree 1-10): 5