[WAGNUS. Buying Guide] Does the product warranty apply to my order? How do you check the compatibility between my device and WAGNUS. cables? We've compiled answers to these questions all in one place in FAQ style.

[Before Buying WAGNUS. Product] The picture shown doesn't represent the actual product. WAGNUS. manufactures the actual product based on the specification stated on the product title. Please check the product title again carefully (especially on connector spec) and make sure compatibility of connectors between your device's and the product you are considering buying. If you have even a slight concern on it, feel free to ask us: info@cdjapan.co.jp

[Important Notes] Cancellation and return will NOT be possible after you order this product, except for the initial failure.

[Product Warranty] The warranty is 3 months. The warranty starts from the date when your order, including the item, is shipped from us.

[About Delivery Date] The period from ordering to delivery to our warehouse will be 1 month and a half at least because this product uses rare material and the whole production process is handmade.

24AWG x 2 Silver plated OFC.
26AWG x 2 Pure Silver plated copper.
The world BEST-performance PTFE & PTFE ET insulator.
Professional solder.
Clear PE tubing.
Cable color: Black x Silver.
Cable length: 120cm (approx.)

Allows users to use over-the-ear style headphones such as SHURE headphones.

[A Concept of NEUTRON]
NEUTRON is made with a concept to make a hybrid cable, combining features of their best selling models "Proton" and "Diamond Dust type aenigma." However, it is not just hybrid but also is a super recable that beyond the qualities of the two while capturing the prime features of them.

[NU-1 (Spectacular Edition)]
After countless attempts, WAGNUS. succeeded to make a method that reduces the electricity transmission loss to the fullest extent. This is named, "NU-1 (Spectacular Edition)." NEUTRON applies this method to realize the ultimate sound which replicating the original audio source that you never experienced before.