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[Compatible with NON-recessed Socket ONLY] This product is compatible with "NON-recessed socket" earphones (flush sockets) ONLY.

[Before Buying WAGNUS. Product] The picture shown doesn't represent the actual product. WAGNUS. manufactures the actual product based on the specification stated on the product title. Please check the product title again carefully (especially on connector spec) and make sure compatibility of connectors between your device's and the product you are considering buying. If you have even a slight concern on it, feel free to ask us:info@cdjapan.co.jp

[Important Notes] Cancellation and return will NOT be possible after you order this product, except for the initial failure.

[Product Warranty] The warranty is 3 months. The warranty starts from the date when your order, including the item, is shipped from us.

OFC silver-plated PTFE insulated cables, the highest quality available, are used in this high-performance cable for recabling.
When you look for a high level of performance for the price, what do you really need? The Lily Series of cables for recabling was developed with that idea in mind.
This cable was developed in conjunction with the WAGNUS. blog and social media, as well as product expos and other events. Users were surveyed, and their valuable opinions and feedback were used to produce a cable that does not compromise on high audio fidelity while offering it at an attractive pricepoint.
The Lily Series not only has attractively striped colors twisted cables, but each color offers different sonic qualities, letting you select the best one for your needs.

The Magnolia Lily focuses on bass while also maintaining a pleasant and clarity across all ranges.

The Lily Series also makes use of the thinnest wires in the history of WAGNUS. products, producing a flexible cable that is ideal for your portable audio life.

32AWG x 4 Silver plated OFC
The world BEST-performance PTFE ET insulator
Professional solder
Clear PE tubing

Cable length: about 120cm
A wire lining in the earpiece allows for shaping into place; can be used over the ear with Shure earphones
Cable features mastering studio level performance and sound.
Using high-quality materials and deep knowledge of wiring circuitry, we produce products to achieve high-res audio playback.
Featuring the proper twist and winding parameters to achieve the best frequency balance.
The finest in high-quality soldering and assembly.
This product is entirely handmade in order to achieve the finest in high-fidelity audio.

Cable maestro WAGNUS., a pro audio mastering engineer, has brought the world's highest performance, highest audio quality portable cables, pairing them with the best wires to create what is in every way the ultimate product.
A focus on the core principles of electric transmission, conductor resistance, dielectric constant, and structural geometry has been used to create the ultimate in audio quality that professional musicians require. Enjoy this fine audio product.