New album from the number one vocal actress is the first one since "Impact Exciter" that came out over two years ago! Includes "Lovely Fruit" ("Toriko" anime ending theme), "Linkage" (PSP/NINTENDO DS Game), "Bright Stream" and "Sacred Force" (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A's), "Metro Baroque" ("BLOOD-C The Last Dark" Movie), for the first time in long version "Synchrogazer" ("Symphogear" opening theme) with a total of 15 songs. Comes with special live "Mizuki Nana Heian Jingu Hounou Kouen" in Blu-ray and special photobook in a box. *Unless otherwise indicated, blu-rays are region-A encoded (Japan, East Asia and all America), and carry no subtitles.