Happy Birthday [Limited Edition] Customer Reviews


Cute 4

i already received the CD, firstly, how CDjapan packing the CD was very awesome.. it's close and secret.. complete with the slip and all the data.. and i love the CD!! lucky i got the limited edition one. i LOVE NEWS!! just it


Another AMAZING release from my favorite Johnny's Act ... Happy Birthday had an awesome loving sound, perfect to sing to a loved one on their special day. Gan Gan Ganbatte was a fun upbeat song, and one highlight I am anticipating to see on the new concert. Game of Love, was a very sexy track and it's nice to hear these men sing more mature songs. I am looking forward to their new release at the end of April!


I really love this single, I wanted a song for my B-Day and now I can have a happy song for celebrate my day, makes me happy!

happy bath day 5

i definetly going to play this song when my birthday comes up in june :D this song is really happy happy! i like it =]

Super o///o 4

all of this songs have soul, not only the happy birthday one, you can feel magic in each word. The jacket is also lovely

NEWS Happy-Birthday 3

I felt so wonderful when it came to my hands but. . . since I bought the Limited Edition I was hoping to get the so called photo-booklet but it didn't came. . . what should I do know?


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