Live of KAT-TUN "Real Face" Customer Reviews


Coolness 5

This DVD has got to be my 2nd most fav. concert DVDs ever. Second, after Kaizokuban. But like most other people reviewed, this was their first concert after their official debut, so, they're really pumped up in this. Some cried at the end of the concert and I think, for them to finally debut after 5's just truly a happy thing. To fans, please continue to support KAT-TUN warmly. And don't forget to buy this awesome DVD. It's worth every penny. ;D

real face con 5

I must say, this concert in terms of entertainment is just perfect, the venue is incredible, the lights, the big screens, even the member's energy is wonderful! Camera angles are well done and you can aprecciate very well all the dances and members performing an excellent playlist as they did their best singing

Live of KAT-TUN "REAL FACE" Review 5

LIVE OF KAT-TUN "REAL FACE" I recommend this concert to every KAT-TUN fans out there! I love this concert because their performance is awesome as well as how they prepare the venue as well. This concert makes me so happy that I can say that it's definitely worth buying. :) I love the new songs and most especially, I love their solo performances. I love Maru's beatboxing collaborated with the violin and Question? Band and Jin's Pinky performance the most. Although I like KAT-TUN - Live in Kaizokuban a bit more than this concert, I honestly think that this concert means so much to KAT-TUN (finally debuted and all) - It's like they totally poured out their happiness here thus this concert will give you this overwhelming feeling after you've watched it. I even cried when they were performing 'Precious One', as a matter of fact. Haha. It has that impact on me. Really~ ^^ So yeah, like I said, I highly recommend this to people who likes KAT-TUN and even for people who's only starting to get into KAT-TUN cos this concert will surely make you love them even more. :)

A++++++++ 5

The best concert ever... I'm so in love with it and it so great... A must for KAT-TUN fans... And worth every penny XD

Live of Kat-Tun "Real Face" 5

Kat-Tun's Real Face... Sugoi desu yo! Honto ni daisuki.. It's really great to see all Kat-Tun's personnel growing & more mature, especially Kazu.. The concert's great, I wish to see it "LIVE"...


In my opinion this concert is even better than their last one... It was really fun probably the only downside to the whole dvd is that they necver did include the cosplay part of the concert. I would highly recommend this dvd to all KAT-TUN fans ^_^

KAT-TUN live 5

The dvd arrived two days after it was released and I was so happy!!! I love KAT-TUN and they always do great concerts, anyway I loved it, all the great songs are on here plus ones I haven't heard of. The parts I recommend most are the solo performances they are all so uniqe to the band member and show each of them off, (plus there is a bonus PV for You which is also very good) If your a KAT-TUN fan this is a must buy, shows them at there best :-)


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