This is the second of 2 movies that adapts the Macross Frontier television series that ran in 2008. The film's title was announced at the end of the first movie, Macross Frontier: The Movie Itsuwari no Utahime. Directed by Shoji Kawamori and Yoko Kanno composed new musics and songs. Plot: AD 2059 - a human space colony makes a voyage to a new world to replace the earth for people. Daily life faces huge changes. A boy named Alto Saotome lives in the intergalatic ship Macross Frontier, but Saotome wants to leave and become a pilot. By fate, Saotome meets Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee who wants to be a star. In the voices of the two girls are hidden secrets which threatens the ship. Box includes a 48 pages booklet (all color pages with setting and archives)! Sayonara no Tsubasa finishes the Macross Frontier movie series. The Hybrid Pack combines the HD movie and the game in one blu-ray and a piece of film!