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Blu-ray box set release from TV series "Pin to Kona" starring Yuta Tamamori (Kis-My-Ft2) and Yuma Nakayama as Kabuki actors. Umika Kawashima (9nine) plays its heroine. Plot: Kyonosuke Kawamura, who is the successor to the prestigious Kijimaya family in kabuki world, one day plays the leading role of a kabuki act, "Shunkyo Kagamijishi." After the play, he hears cheers from girls waiting for him in front of the theater. There, a girl approaches him and shouts out "That is not Kagamijishi. I want my money back!" Actually, as the successor, Kyonosuke is always under big pressure and becomes sick and tired of kabuki. In addition to that, he has issues with his father who is a kabuki mogul, and that pushes his heart away kabuki more... Comes with an original booklet and a bonus disc featuring outtakes, behind-the-scene, highlights, and more.