ayumi hamasaki Asia Tour 2007 A -Tour of Secret- "LIVE + DOCUMENTARY" Customer Reviews

Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayu another concert! 5

Another great release from Ayu, The good thing about this dvd is you can watch it over and over again without getting bored. Ayumi as usual looks gorgeous with beautiful costomes and brilliant dance routines and singing. Ive even got my neices asking to watch it! So it must be good! The only let down is the absence of any subtitles!!!! During the documentary scenes i have no idea what is being said or going on. Well anyway amazing release with a little booklet and case :) Thanks for reading my review!

Absolutely great! 5

Any DVD from ayu means quality and this one is no exception. Ayu looks beautiful, her voice is powerful, and the stage is great. It is also very nice to see the documentary and all the stories behind ayu's first Asia Tour.

My favorite concert ever! 5

There aren't enough words to describe how much I loved this concert; it's beyond comprehension. Ayu's vocals are amazing, she puts a lot of energy to all her performances and all the costumes and choreographies are really just amazing. I can't stop watching this DVD over and over again! I loved the performance of "evolution", it was a really wonderful opening to a wonderful concert. I wasn't bothered by the commentary tracks placed between songs. They were an interesting watch and showed just how much work the tour required from Ayu and her staff. All Ayu fans: get it now. If you want to see a good Ayu concert, then you should pick this.

Long awaited Ayu Concert 5

This is my second Ayu Concert in DVD (I bought Arena Tour 2006 when I went to Japan in August 2007, in a music shop in Nara, those where the best holidays I ever had: 21 days traveling throughout Japan). What can I say, Ayu "is my Goddess": I was very moved with this 2 DVDs, I really liked the "behind the scenes" between songs. The scenograpghy, sound, special effects, all of it, was at a perfect level! The Ayu team adapted to all sizes of "arenas", great work! Must have for every Ayu fan out there!

The Documentary is amazing! 5

Ayu's first Asia Tour captured in dvd for all of us! While the new format of ~in between documentary~ might turn off some people. I have to say that after watching it through, it works really well. The Documentary shows so many aspectes of what Ayu and her crew had to go through to bring the same level of quality to her fans overseas. With a news and olds setlist, and a really well made documentary, this product is the stand out of her recent Tours!

Excellent ! 5

one of her best concerts ! the entire DVD is amzing, the case is almost the same as her MY STORY CLASSICAL ! black sleeve case ! And it's so great seeing Ayu saying ASIA is ONE ! We`re ONE ! if you are a fan of ayumi Hamasaki you should spend your money buying this DVD, what are you waiting for !!!!???

One of Ayu's Best Concert 5

The concert that everyone had been waiting for a year. Strongly recommend for all, a must have if you enjoy Ayu's concert. The bonus clips from other countries are memorable. Ayu always never fails to put out a great concert

Awesome 4

I'm a big supporter of Ayu for over 5 years now and she just never fails to amaze me. This tour is excellent. Thrilling, charming, great stage performance and voice. I really love how sparkling and colorfull the whole show is kept. The interludes for the songs are really great and catchy. Especially for Evolution, Kiss o' Kill and Appears. From Rock to Pop to powerfull ballads, Ayu pulls it all of.The Setlist is also quite nice but since it's her tour of "Secret" it's sad that she did not perform too many songs of this album. I give this Concert 4 out of 5 because I like her other concerts a bit more (especially Missunderstood, Arena and My Story Tour) because they are more emotional (in my opinion).

*0* 5

Solo quiero que llegue luego! *0* Dentro de esta semana me deberia llegar, soy fanatica de Ayu y estoy muy ansiosa! Quiero tenerlo Ya en mis manos!!! Este concierto se viene muy bueno!! saludos!

Great concert 4

This concert was really well done one. The performances were good and solid, and the vocals were really awesome. Some people complain that the documentary was in-between, but I didn't mind that much, though an option to have them separate would have been nice. Just rating the performances though, they were great. Not her best concert in my opinion, but one of. The documentary was also pretty interesting to watch, even if I really didn't understand what they were saying, haha. It's a concert you'll really like, especially appears, kiss o'kill, part of Me, and Secret.

Broken integrity 3

Seems like the package broke some postal records: shipped from Japan on the 10th and arrived to me in Finland on the 12th - AMAZING! But to the product itself... The major flaw with the DVD that annoyed me is that the "behind-the-scenes" documentary clips have been embedded between the concert performances breaking the overall emotional mood of the concert, which I have always loved in Ayu's concerts. It's somewhat justified because it really isn't a one concert but a compilation of concert performances from the Asia Tour. Nevertheless Ayu's performances are solid and high quality as always. What I miss is the integrity of the overall experience. If you're new to Ayu's music and live performances I'd recommend some other concert DVD to start with. Old fans will howl to the moon with this one as always ^_^

Just Awful!! 1

I'm a huge fan of Ayumi and couldn't wait for this one to arrive. What a let down! (Through no fault of Ayumi, her dancers, or her band) Her performances were on the mark. Unlike previous videos (and I own them all) that included a separate disk of out takes, interviews, and rehearsal clips, this one interleaves them between clips of her concert. Instead of being able to watch the concert (which is almost as good as being there on her other videos), you're forced to watch the other stuff between songs. It ruins everything. As you might expect, most of the songs she performs have been performed at previous concerts, and while many of the dance routines are similar to those of prior concerts, they're not as good on this one. I can't decide whether to buy some video editing software and create the music video I expected (separating the documentary from the music) or just place it on the shelf with the other videos I never watch. My recommendation is to buy Ayu Museum instead of this one. It's MUCH better!


Okay so I was so excited to get my DVD. I just got it!!! Jumping up and down, put it in the DVD player... and it doesn't work. I forgot the check the region code so now it doesn't play. So I tried all my DVD players, but they don't play. So MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DVD PLAYER THAT CAN PLAY IT BEFORE YOU GET THE JAPAN VERSION!!! I don't know if an overseas one is coming out or not... but I can watch it on my laptop... REALLY AWESOME BY THE WAY!!!! JUsT A WARNING!!!

Preorder it NOW! Pre-Release Comment

I was able to catch one of the Osaka shows...WOW!!! How Ayu manages to keep her shows fresh, fun, and inspiring is amazing! I always thought the DVDs "hid" downtime since Ayu's costume changes are so elaborate! It was a GREAT show and I am happy I am finally going to get to relive some happy concert memories! Turn the DVD up high and pretend you are there too! Your neighbors will not mind.

Awesome! Pre-Release Comment

Wow... nearly 5 1/2 hours of footage! Very exciting, I can't wait to see how her Tour of Secret went down! This will SO be worth my money!

My Ayuuuu Pre-Release Comment

Yeahhhhh, Finally, Asia Tour will come ^^. I hope it's not her last live, I need to see herrr !! So, Big DVD is pre-order, I'm waiting... (^^)/

YAY!!!! FINALLY OUT!! Pre-Release Comment

FINALLY!!!!! I've been waiting FOREVER for this DVD to come out! It looks AMAZING!!! I hope that the documentary is awesome as well!! Really can't wait to get this DVD!!!! I'D RECOMMEND PEOPLE TO PRE-ORDER!!!!! Lol. LOVE AYU!!!!

It's finally here! Pre-Release Comment

Being a big fan of Ayu, I have been eagerly waiting for this. Now that it's finally here, I'm totally over the moon. Looking at screencaps, I can tell that this is a fantastic concert. Ayu has never failed to impress when it comes to concerts, so I'm sure this one is going to be great too. I've already ordered mine, and I can ensure you that you will not be disappointed with this, pre-order this today!


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