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We give you Japan's best green tea from the No.1 green tea producer, Shizuoka prefecture. Japanese tea has the power to relax you with its scent and slight sweetness. It also consists ingredients you can not obtain from tea or jasmine tea. Japanese tea prevents from being overweight, as well as adult diseases and cancer.

Beneficial effects of Japanese Tea

Weight Loss - Green tea burns fat when ingested before performing sports. Japanese tea has a wealth of nutrition almost as powerful as a specialized sports drink due to the effects of its natural ingredients.

Beautiful Skin - Japanese tea contains five times more vitamin C than a lemon. Drinking Japanese tea can make your skin look beautiful. It's also strong against heat so you can use it for cooking.

Maintaining Health - It's best for our bodies to stay alkalescent. Though irregular meals and exhaustion can acidificate our bodies and ruin our health, the minerals contained in Japanese tea prevent acidification and serve to keep the body healthy.

Preventing Cancer - Catechin, theanine and other vitamins contained in Japanese tea have been found to control cancer. Statistically, regions with high tea consumption rates are less likely to develop cancer.

Antioxidation Effects for Anti-Ageing - Antioxidants inhibit aging. The catechin in green tea has an antioxidation effect 20 times more powerful than that of vitamin E.

Preventing Cavities and Bad Breath - Catechin has disinfecting qualities and prevents the development of cavities as well as bad breath.

Relaxation - The color, scent and mild bitterness accompanied with the sweetness of green tea relaxes the body. The theanine in green tea promotes alpha wave production and relaxes the brain.

Protection Against Food Poisoning - The disinfecting effects of catechin help to kill certain bacteria which cause food poisoning.

Improved Alertness - The caffeine contained in green tea can improve judgment and memory.

Doctors have reported the health benefits of green tea as below.

Japanese tea includes nutrients like catechin, caffeine, theanine, vitamin C, vitamin E and flavonoids.

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