If your order does not become available for shipment in 80 days for any reason, a credit authorization will be processed again automatically so that the order can be continued. As a result, an extra transaction may appear in your card account. However, absolutely no amount is transferred to us until the order is shipped.

The reason for this is because VISA, MasterCard, and other credit card companies do not allow stores to finalize any payment against any credit authorization that was processed for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, in order to continue processing your order, it is necessary for this to be processed after 80 days. This will be repeated if your order does not become available for shipment for over 160 days, 240 days, and so on, even though it is highly unusual for any order to take that long.

A credit authorization is a step in which the card issuer grants the store an authorization to process the payment. Once they authorize the transaction, the issuer of the card blocks the amount until the payment is finalized. Many issuer label the transaction as "Pending," "Pre-Authorization," "PREAUTH" or other similar indication.