To have your order sent in a compact plain envelope, select the Send my items in a plain envelope option in the Shipping Address and Gift Options step when you proceed to checkout. Some physical restrictions apply as detailed at the bottom of this section. For example, due to the size of the envelope, it won't be possible to include any external bonus such as posters if this option is selected. Please also note that customs duties and import VAT are still applicable.

package package

Packaging Method

The order will be placed inside a plain envelope without padding, after the item is packaged using bubble wrapping and carton material (H4cm x W22.5cm x D16cm) for protection.

Shipping charge

Currently, this option is free of any additional charge.

Important Notes

Only a regular CD, Cardboard Sleeve CD, and DVD is possible for this option.

  • Up to 2CDs are possible. CD with bonus DVD counts as 2CDs.
  • Only 1 DVD is possible. Double DVD is also possible.
  • The option is not possible for an order including both CD and DVD.
  • Not possible for box set or any other large item.

It is possible to send the order as a Gift (mark customs forms as gift), but Gift Bag is not possible in case this option is selected.

It won't be possible to include any external bonus such as posters due to physical limitations. If there is any bonus that does not fit inside the envelope, your order will be sent without it.

It is possible to make changes to your order online (combining orders, moving items, shipping items separately, adding items) after choosing this option. However, your order will be sent with regular packaging in case your order does not meet with the above conditions as a result of any change.