New CDJapan Coupon Campaigns!
May 16,2008
If you haven't been to our top page in a while you might not have noticed CDJapan's brand new coupon campaigns. We've got a great change to one of our previous programs and one brand-new coupon campaign. Now's the perfect chance to shop because my birthday's coming in under a month the more you buy, the more you'll save.

Campaign 1
Receive a 500 yen coupon from CDJapan for every order you place worth over 5000 yen between now and June 30, 2008! How does it work? Just place an order worth over 5000 yen during the campaign period and after we've confirmed your order's shipment we'll send you a coupon for 500 yen. Order early and order often--you'll receive as many coupons as you have orders worth more than 5000 yen shipped.

Campaign 2
Have at least 20,000 yen (roughly $200 USD) worth of orders shipped in three months and we'll send you a coupon for at least 700 yen.

That's right, we've revised our coupon program mentioned in this post to make shopping at CDJapan an even better deal. The shopping limit has been dropped from 25,000 yen to 20,000 yen, the coupon amount has been raised, and even better, the larger your total the larger the coupon. Details follow:

Place orders for at least / Coupon Received
20,000 yen / 700 yen coupon
30,000 yen / 1000 yen coupon
50,000 yen / 1500 yen coupon

To qualify, have at least 20,000 yen worth of orders shipped in three months. We'll calculate your order total for the last three months at the start of every month, so you'll qualify if you have 1 or 1000 orders, as long as they all shipped in the same three months and are cumulatively worth over 20,000 yen. Once you receive a coupon your order total will be reset to 0 and you will begin re-accumulating your order total at the start of the following month.

Some restrictions apply, so make sure to check out the campaign page for details:
CDJapan Coupon Campaign Page

And completely unrelated but we've just received 39 new items from SEX POT ReVeNGe. Check 'em out at the SEX POT new arrivals page

New CDJapan Coupon Campaigns! Comments


Dan, if i place my order for apperals and other goods will i get the coupon?? or is it only for cds and dvds?
by v.v : May 16,2008
Thanks for the coupons campaign CDJapan guys.

AND COMPLETELY UNRELATED: "Happy birthday to you", in advance.
by Ken007 : May 17,2008
v.v> Yes, the coupon program applies to everything including apparel, books, and, I believe, magazine subscriptions (with subscriptions just remember that the order total used for the coupons doesn't include shipping).

Ken007> You're welcome and thank you very much!
by Dan : May 17,2008
This new campaign is really great. I remember a few of us asking for a better discount system for those that place big orders more regularly. And now here is something for those people :). Really great addition. I also noticed that our accounts tell us how much (value) still needs to be shipped to get a coupon from the new campaign. All of this a a great improvement. Thank to all those at CDJapan that contributed in this feature and Happy Birthday to you Dan ;)
by shawurai : May 17,2008
Thanks a lot shawurai! We've been trying to figure out the best way to give back to those of you that buy more (particularly after we added our apparel section since some of the prices can be a bit high). I feel really good about the way were doing it now so I'm glad that everyone's getting into it!

Thanks also for the birthday wishes!
by Dan : May 17,2008
otanjobi omedetto to u,Dan!wish u all the best and have a joyfull year!B-)
by v.v : May 17,2008
Domo argiato v.v!
by Dan : May 18,2008
A dude?
Hello again my friend Dan. Excuse me but help me please with my order.
If I put a new item in the order processed the shipping cost displayed of ONLY this item will be accumulated to the order total too..? or your computer system make a balance with the prices of the other items?
It`s very important...
Thank you
by Ken007 : May 22,2008
Hi Ken007. Excuse me if I've missunderstood your question, but you're asking if the shipping cost of two orders added together is either

a) just the shipping costs of both orders added together, or
b) the shipping charge is recalculated based on the contents of the new, combined order

right? If so the answer is B. The shipping charges we list on our site are only temporary to help you estimate how much the shipping charges will be. The actuall shipping charges are only calculated once we ship the order since then we'll only know how big/many boxes you'll need once we prep it for shipping.

Does that help?
by Dan : May 22,2008
Oh! Yes, Yes Dan. Very helpful, it is just the answer B.
I was thinking about the shipping charge is recalculated based on the new item that I was planning to put in it. Thank you so much.

Unrelated, WHERE is the original soundtrack of this great game "Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis". I only found Mana Khemia 2. So,
1- Where is the soundtrack?
2- Who is the beautiful japanese voice in the opening theme?
3- Which is the name of the opening?
by Ken007 : May 23,2008
Hi Ken007,
Glad I could help! As for your second question I believe the problem is you need to include a hyphen in the search ("Mana-Khemia") in order for our search system to pick it up.

You can find everything we have from the series here:

And I believe the soundtrack you are looking for is here:

And I believe the title theme is "Run For Your Life" by Haruka Shimotsuki. It's included in full on the soundtrack, but if you want anything else by her try her artist page:
by Dan : May 23,2008
Perfect again Dan, as usual.
Thank you so much for the soundtrack and the better is that the opening is in full version: YEAH! and all the problem for a simple hyphen not included in the search? God!!! Corrects that system, guys.. PLEASE
by Ken007 : May 24,2008
No problem Ken007 . . . and yeah, I think I've been hounding them about our search engine for at least a year now. I hear there's some sort of change coming up though so hang in there!
by Dan : May 24,2008