ZONOTONE Brief History

Toshihiko Maezono, who already had over 40 years career in the audio industry, founded ZONOTONE in 2007. Since then, they persistently pursued higher purity and energy on cable materials, and to go further, the materials are combined with an original golden ratio unrivalled in the industry, based on data gathered over a long time from huge numbers of prototypes and repeated listening.

And this time, Chikara Maezono, a son of Toshihiko and the successor of ZONOTONE, totally produced "Royal Spirit" with a new sense of innovation and experimentalism while meeting such ZONOTONE's tradition.
The Second-generation President, Chikara Maezono

Royal Spirit Details

"Royal Spirit" is made with a combination of 4 conductors: ultrapure 7NCu (99.99999% purity), pure copper HiFC, and PCUHD (Pure Copper Ultra High Drawability), and high-purity OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper). They put together them with a unique way called DMHC (Duo or Discrete Multicore Helical Conductor), which no one can imitate.

"Royal Spirit" is made with a concept of enhancing spreading out the sound and giving it depth while keeping high definition of the sound, and it gets you more real feeling to it as if you are in a concert hall. It will accordingly fit well with specific genres such as big band jazz or orchestral music.

Royal Spirit AC-1

Royal Spirit SP-1

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