Banhake 板刷毛

It features a thin tip and handle. Easy to apply powder or liquid quickly and evenly with the wide tip. The bristle is short which makes the application goes smoothly. 
XL or L size is for dusting loose or pressed powder all over your face to achieve a natural light coverage.
M size is great for 
face contouring and highlighting with creams and powders with the hairline, down to the jawline.
S size is for 
contouring and highlighting or setting powder in smaller areas like nose, under eye.

Yachiyohake 八千代刷毛

Yachiyo means "8000 generations," and is a wish for the prosperity of the country. The handle is very thin and features a unique handle shape. It is really multipurpose makeup tool.
As a main usage, we recommend to use to lightly dust loose or pressed powder all over the face. M or S size are great for blending cheek contour. The essential tool for blending.
When you apply blush or powder, remember to apply it in circular motion. It can also be used to bronze the whole face with a few quick sweeps. 

Mizuhake 水刷毛

Originally it was a tool for applying Japanese style white face powder. 
The dense, flat head is perfect for buffing in foundation, applying blush or blending cream highlight and contour products.