Shogetsudo brushes including Japan Brand Brush are made individually by hand by skilled artisans using materials carefully selected from all over the world. Only highly trained and highly skilled workers, who have mastered traditional brush making skills over a long period, can make these brushes.

This high quality brush enables you to write alphabets as easy as a pen.
More than 30 steps of Japanese original manufacturing techniques have contributed to the high reputation received from beginners to experts.

This "Japan Brand Brush" gained much popularity among many people who visited
 Shogetsudo exhibitions held in Paris and Los Angeles.
Why not send a picture letter to your close ones or those who you haven't seen for ages.

Set contains...

Tsubaki (椿) Sengaki Brush

Easy to write thick characters to small ones. 

Ume (梅) Sengaki Brush

Easy to write rather thick characters to small ones. 

Momo (桃) Saishiki Brush

Easy to paint and write characters.

Sakura (桜) Menso Brush

East to write thin characters and lines.

Kiri (桐) Menso Brush

East to draw extra-fine line and curve line.
  1. picture letter sample
  2. Beginning Necessities for Watercolor Painting

  3. Watercolor paints tubes
    Japan Brand Brush
    Brush washer

    1.Draw some very simple design on a sheet of paper with light pencil marks. 

    2.Put any color of watercolor onto the palette plate.

    3.Get your brush lightly wet.

    4.Dip your brush into the watercolor liquid on your palette, and lift a small amount of color onto your brush. 

    5.First, draw lines. Play with the other colors in the same manner.

    6.Let the picture dry.

    Repeat 2 to 6.

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