EIHODO LQ-3 Liquid Foundation Brush

Apply a thin layer of foundation is key to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long & prevent it from melting off. This flat brush allows for controlled, easy-to-use foundation application in thin layers. It spreads foundation to the entire face in seconds and seamlessly blends your foundation for superior coverage. Customer Review

Beautiful flat foundation brush (Rated 5 stars)

If you like applying foundation with flat shaped brush, this is your guy! It will give you a nice thin layered dewy base. Since I am a dry skin typed girl, I prefer dewy look, but not greasy look. And I found this was perfect for that finish. This is kind of holy grail brush for me:) Not only a beautiful brush, but also a work horse!!(It did work well with cream blush and highlights!)


KOYUDO fu-pa02 Foundation Brush

Blending makeup into skin after you apply foundation, blush and highlight is so important to prevent your foundation from melting off. Use a dense brush to blend it into your face and neck. The soft and dense bristles blend your makeup effortlessly for a beautiful and even application. Customer Review

You will NOT regret this one ! (Rated 5 stars)

This is so dense and Ohhhh, so soft !!! I use it as a finishing buffer to blend the Trinity (contour, blush and highlighter) its perfect for that, but its also great for liquid foundation and bronzer. It washes well, but you have to give it some time to get dry because its so densely packed. If you are in doubt... don't be, just get it :)


MIZUHO [CMP510] Foundation Brush

Enough small to apply foundation to the sides of your nose, which is easy to get cakey. Don't forget to apply finish powder in swirl motion after liquid foundation. It can be used for liquid and powder products. It uses PBT synthetic hair, so easy to care. Customer Review

The best liquid foundation brush! (Rated 5 stars)

My search for the perfect foundation brush is over, this Mizuho CMP foundation brush is truly amazing for the following reasons: 1. Soft and dense enough to avoid skin irritation (I suffer from dermatitis) - I have never had a brush like this one. 2. Size is not too big or too small - it is simply perfect to cover areas of the face where you my need more coverage. I personally just even my skin tone and distribute the product perfectly with this brush. 3. Easy to pick foundation and distribute on the face and blend. 4. It doesn't prickle! 5. I can use it with my cream bronzers or blushes and blend it beautifully with the foundation. Try it, you won't regret it, I'm going to be ordering another one so one is for my foundation and the other one for applying other cream products on top.


KOYUDO fu-pa11-p Concealer & Highlighting Brush

Using a concealer for spots, dark circles under the eyes, and other small areas can help reduce the amount of foundation required to cover the face. It enables your makeup to stay on longer. This brush helps to apply a thin layer of concealer on your trouble spots. Customer Review

Adorable little love! (Rated 5 stars)

Now THIS is a multi-tasking brush! I use it for bb cream application around the mouth area as well as under the eyes like concealer. The angled shape is excellent for reaching into the outer corners of the nose and the inner corners of the eye area. I also use it to apply eye primer, and thanks to it size this application takes 2 swipes flat and my entire lid area is covered! I do wish it's a touch firmer, but for its divine softness I don't have anything to complain about. LOVE.


EIHODO P-2 Powder Brush

Lightly apply a translucent setting powder after all other layers have been put on. It will keep your makeup intact all day long. Use a large fluffy brush for a sheer effect. This brush uses 100% gray squirrel hair. Customer Review

Soothingly dense softness (Rated 5 stars)

Due to its thickness, this brush is just heavenly as the last step of your makeup for those who LOVE alternating dome with paddle shaped finishing brush. Absolutely enjoy this Eihodo P-2, same goes for the RE-25-1 Finishing brush Chikuhodo Artist Series (Red). Keeps me smiling whenever i glide this brush all over my face.