Three Commitments to Tenugui

1. Commitment to Design

Their design concept is putting novel colors on traditional designs and expressing unconventional motifs in traditional technique. They don't just precisely reproduce old items but add new elements to traditional designs to suit the needs of the times. Such approach is a source of Rienzome Tenugui's originality. Wealth of design variations appeal to you.

2. Commitment to Handmade

The concept for Rienzome is to add their products warmth of handmade. All process of making tenugui from carving the pattern to finishing operation are professionally handcrafted.

3. Commitment to Natural Fabric

Almost all Rienzome tenugui use high quality fabric called No.30 TOKUOKA. TOKUOKA is a sturdy and light cotton, and the more you use this, the more tenugui fit comfortably in your skin. Furthermore, the more you wash it, the more the dye gets infiltrated and you can enjoy the changes of the color.



Animal Pattern

Flower Pattern

Spring Pattern

Summer Pattern

Autumn Pattern

Winter Pattern

Landscape Pattern

Other Pattern

Tenugui Handkerchief Sized

Art Frame for Tenugui (Hand Towel)