History of Kiya. The origins of Kiya goes back to April 1792. This was the year where the first KIYA shop owner Isuke Kato was permitted to start his own Kiya shop. His master, Kuhee Hayashi originally was from a family name under Fujiwara who served as the Toyotomi family's personal medical merchant. However with an offer from Ieyasu Toyotomi, Hayashi's younger brother went off to Edo and opened a store there. Having two stores, the two brothers divided their family name "Hayashi" which in Japanese characters consists of two characters representing trees and named their store "Kiya" which means "store of tree". 

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Comparison with Regular Kitchen Knife

Danjuro Series

Named after Kabuki actor, Danjuro Ichikawa, Kiya has a long and honorable history trademarking the "Danjuro" series from the Meiji Era. In order to live up to its name, Kiya's named its top quality line after the honorable actor. How to Sharpen Japanese Kitchen Knife

Yoshihisa Series

How to Sharpen Japanese Kitchen Knife

Edelweiss Series

How to Sharpen European Style Kitchen Knives.

Removing Knife Cover

Whet Stones


Nail Clippers

To use, the Box Type Nail Clippers, flip up the top metal part and the rest will automatically pop out. When storing the nail clipper, press the top metal part downward. At first, it seems like it might almost break, but don't worry, If you push down hard enough, the top metal part will click back into its original place.