Kenji Kamiyama, the popular director of "Ghost in the Shell S. A. C" series  will present his latest movie "Ancien and the Magic Tablet Special Edition" which is already available on preorder at CDJapan!

Official Trailer

Also many deluxes animators/character designers will be attend this event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation: Sayo Yamamoto ("Yuri!!! On ICE"), Nobuyoshi Habara (Yamato 2022, Dancouga), Takuya Wada ("Cobra", "Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star", "Cat's Eye"), Masahiko Ohkura ("The Silver Guardian", "Maps"),  Masami Suda ("Hokuto no Ken", "Gatchaman"), Takuo Noda ("Captain Future"), Kazuhide Tomonaga ("Sherlock Holmes", "Lupin the Third", all ghibli's masterpiece), and Shichiro Kobayashi (background designer of "Lady Oscar", "Berserk" etc)!!!

"Yamato 2022" Official Trailer

The popular author of Pandora Hearts, Jun Mochizuki, is going back to Paris to present latest manga!

The mangaka Irono will present his latest work "The Grim Reaper."

We also remind you many Japanese artists and units will attend to Japan Expo such as Niji no Conquistador, MAGIC OF LiFE, Kaien, Kamitsuki, suga, es, notall,  EPIC STAR, BREAK☆THROUGH"5D, Yoshiki (X Japan) and more.

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