HYPER JAPAN is an annual cultural event held in London for spreading Japanese culture to the people all over the world by showcasing various shows and exhibitions.

Spotlight: REOL

Feature Page in HYPER JAPAN

Keeping it REOL with an Exciting UK Debut

REOL Items Complete Listing at CDJapan

Spotlight: THE SIXTH LIE

Feature Page in HYPER JAPAN

It’s True! THE SIXTH LIE Make their International Debut

THE SIXTH LIE Items Complete Listing at CDJapan

Spotlight: Tokyo Rickshaw

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Take a Ride with Tokyo Rickshaw

Tokyo Rickshaw Items at CDJapan

Spotlight: Broken Doll

Feature Page in HYPER JAPAN

Broken Doll Look and Sound the Business

Broken Doll Items at CDJapan

We also are offering items from their apparel brand, "Broken Doll."

Spotlight: TORIENA

Feature Page in HYPER JAPAN

Toriena: Chiptune Girl with a Game Boy
*Although there are no physical releases available at CDJapan yet, some of her tracks can be downloaded for free on her official website.

Spotlight: Kaien

Feature Page in HYPER JAPAN

KAIEN's Innovative Dance Music Has UK Debut
*They have released their songs only on online music distribution.

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