Humid Summer Heat Exhausts Us

In Japan, it is said that hot green tea is the perfect drink for the hot season. Today, we would like to explain why hot green tea is good to drink in summer. 
The main symptoms of 'Natsu Bate' are lack of appetite, getting easily tired, and feeling heavy to do anything. These symptoms are closely connected with each other.

The more you loose appetite and eat less, the more you lack vitamins and minerals. Therefore you gradually loose stamina and become easily tired.
Getting tired increases the heavy feeling to your body. The heaviness makes you loose your appetite. This is how summer heat makes you fall in a vicious cycle.
In order to break out of this cycle, it is necessary to have a nutritious diet.
However as mentioned before, people tend to lose their appetite in summer.
This is why Japanese drink hot green tea.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea contains a great deal of vitamins and minerals, and at the same time, you can keep yourself hydrated.
Furtheremore, hot green tea does not put a strain on your viscera, and prevents from become anorexic.
In oriental medicine, it is said that cooking ingredients are divided in five categories -- coldness, coolness, warmness, hotness, and neutral.

Green tea belongs to the coldness category.
Even though it is a warm drink, green tea cools your body down.
It causes the body to sweat and helps to lower the body temperature.

Additionally, green tea contains three times as much Vitamin C than spinach. Such reasons makes hot green tea the ideal summer drink in Japan!
Even if you get the urge to drink cold beverages, cold green tea is better than other cold drinks. 
Just stop drinking them too cold -- it will take away your appetite.
Now do you understand how great it is to drink hot green tea during the hot season?
Let's beat the heat by drinking green tea!