Limited Edition BOX set

Featuring everything from the BD and CD releases plus a case with original design


Other than the main event, bonus footage including the "making of", special cuts, and character voice overs are also featured,


The entire track list compiled into 2 disks

Blu-ray Disc1 Main Tracklist

  1. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
  2. Burn My Dread
  3. Pursuing My True Self
  4. PSB2017 Everyday Mix
    Beneath the Mask
    Signs Of Love
    When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars
  5. Life Will Change
  6. Tokyo Emergency
  7. Mass Destruction
  8. Deep Breath Deep Breath
  9. Reach Out To The Truth
  10. ―――――First Battle―――――
  11. Last Surprise
  12. Phantom
  13. Tokyo Daylight
  14. key plus words -TV size ver.-
  15. Break Out Of...
  16. Laser Beam
  17. Will Power
  18. Beneath the Mask -rain-
  19. Blooming Villain
  20. Keeper of Lust
  21. 全ての人の魂の戦い
  22. ジュネスのテーマ
  23. Persona Orchestra Medley 2017
    Our Beginning
  24. Burn My Dread -Last Battle-
  26. Time To Make History
  27. The Whims of Fate
  28. Rivers In the Desert
  29. P3D×P5D OP Mix
  30. ―――――Encore―――――
  31. キミの記憶
  32. Light the Fire Up in the Night "KAGEJIKAN"+ "MAYONAKA"
  33. Life Will Change
  34. Never More
  35. 星と僕らと

Blu-ray Disc2 bonus footage

  • Behind the scenes of PSB2017
  • PSB2017 special cut
    PSB2017 Everyday Mix
    Mass Destruction ~Deep Breath Deep Breath (special cut)
    Phantom (audience footage)
    Laser Beam (special cut)
    Will Power (protaganist closeups)
    霧 (Shoji Meguro closeups)
    Keeper of Lust (band member closeups)
  • special feature: 横浜アリーナ事件:怪盗団潜入証拠映像
  • Welcome: Your Affection
  • MC
    Yusuke Kitagawa Ver.
    P3 Protagonist Ver.
    Nanako Dojima Ver.

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