Which Devices Are Compatible with Cable Replacement?

Earphones and headphones that are compatible with cable replacement. In other words, a device with detachable cord.
Currently, you can see many such devices in hi-end models by both Japanese and overseas manufacturers such as SONY, JVC, Panasonic and SENNHEISER, AKG, SHURE.
And recently, you can also see not a few makers release standard models compatible with cable replacement.

Benefits of Cable Replacement

One of the biggest benefits of cable replacement is: you can use your favorite earphone/headphone for a long time without any concern on disconnection of cable.
In addition to that, you can enjoy differences on the sound with a single earphone/headphone alone by replacing its cable.
Also, you can pursue your ideal sound by trying many combinations as various manufacturers nowadays are releasing replacement audio cables for earphones/headphones.
You even can enjoy many color combinations.

Focuses on Materials Used in Conductors

Having no idea on which to choose? We recommend you to select it first by materials used in conductors.

The factor that has the greatest influence on sound in a cable is the material used for the conductor.
The main materials used for conductors are silver and copper.
Silver's electrical resistance is even lower than that of copper, giving it excellent conductivity, but it also costs more.
For that reason, many products use silver-plated copper or high-purity copper.

There are a lot of kinds of copper that are used for copper wire, but the main ones are as follows.
  • OFC (oxygen-free copper): 99.995% pure copper, containing no oxides.
  • PCOCC: High-purity oxygen-free copper. PCOCC's high purity led many manufacturers to use it as a conductor material, but it was announced in 2013 that its production will be ending, causing an uproar in the world of audio cables.
  • PC-Triple C: This advanced material is the successor to PCOCC. With the currently available stock of PCOCC cables disappearing from the market, it is expected that there will be a changeover to PC-Triple C products.
  • 6N/7N/8N: These terms refer to the purity of the copper. The "N" stands for "9," with the preceding number indicating the number of 9s. So, 6N=99.9999%, 7N=99.99999%, and 8N=99.999999%.
The higher the purity of copper, the more expensive it is, and silver is more expensive than copper, but what really matters is how the listener feels about the sound. Trying out different materials with the same pair of earphones/headphones can be fun.

Pay Attention to Connections

Before even thinking about materials, you have to be sure you're choosing a cable with connections that fit your earphones/headphones, or you won't be able to connect them!

On the player side, the main kind of connection used by portable music players and smartphones is a 3.5mm stereo mini port.

While non-portable units might also use a 6.35mm or other port for headphones, the real issue is the port on the earphone/headphone end.

There are ports such as MMCX that are used across manufacturers such as SHURE (SE Series), ONKYO and Ultimate Ear, but there are also many that use exclusive types of ports. It would be great if ports could become interchangeable overnight, but for the moment, there is a lack of uniformity among ports on the earphone and headphone side.

In order to avoid the mistake of buying cables with the wrong connections, be sure to confirm before making a purchase.

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