MCFPBT is created using the cutting edge technology. You will be satisfied with the softness, delicate texture, and ease of use that is unexpected from the synthetic hair. MCFPBT is a material combining the advantages of both synthetic and natural hair.


1. Efficiently picks up the powder and liquid
As the surface is made of micron grade crystal structure that works tirelessly and efficiently to pick up powder and liquid, you can apply foundation all over your face in a short amount of time. It is easy to sculpt and define the face. Reduce the makeup time.

2. Spreads evenly and flawlessly
It is possible to apply more natural make-up as the surface with crystal structure and gaps adsorb powder and liquid at an equal level, and evenly places make-up products on the skin.

3. Extra Soft Texture
As the microcrystalline yarn is consists of a dense structure, it evenly distribute the pressure to your skin. This homogeneous dense structure that cannot be achieved with natural hair is the cause of higher flexibility of this product.

4. Stable quality that does not get affected by seasons and environment
Quality of natural hair is unstable as thickness, length, and color tones change depending on the season. MCFPBT is not affected by these causes.

5. Environmental protection
Respect the nature with the use of science.Substitute the natural hair with the microcrystalline yarn. It values harmony, protect the environment and animals.