The brush head using Goat Tankoho which has durability blends well and remove excess powder to create a natural result even if you use liquid or cream foundation.

Large and dense head blends and brush off the excess power in a moment. After you use it as the last step in your makeup application, your face feels as soft as silk.

If your foundation melts off of your nose throughout the day, you need to remove off any excess powder with this brush after applying finishing powder. Easy to get reach small area on your face.

This is a short handled brush and ideal for close up work. It brush off excess powder in a short time on forehead and chin where makeup is easy to come off.

It uses 100% gray squirrel hair and very soft bristles never break makeup and just remove excess powder.

The rounded brush is perfect for dusting off shimmer products and whisks away any excess makeup for an even finish. 

The angled head keep the contour shade contour on cheek bones even when removing excess powder.