Making an eBook purchase

Making an eBooks purchase is easy, head to the eBook Department and just like you do for other CDJapan orders: "add to cart" or "buy now", place your order and... enjoy!

Not sure how to make an order? Check out the following video, try it out with "some free stuff"... a LOT of free stuff! Some in English too!

"Step By Step Video Guide" on how to get Free stuff!

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Read Books with CDJapan/Neowing eBook Reader

Reading purchased books on the PC and mobile devices may require Applications.

ON PC: once purchased, contents available for CDJ Reader can be viewed in a web browser on PC (Customer Account -> Order History -> eBook Order History -> Read); however, to read books that require Neowing Reader you must have the reader application installed, download the book and run the program.

ON MOBILE DEVICES: applications are REQUIRED to read eBooks on mobile devices, although some titles are viewable with both applications, due to copyright infringements, a portion of content available at CDJapan eBooks may be exclusive to either one of the following applications.

eBook Readers & system requirements

CDJapan eBook Reader

Neowing eBook Reader
IOS 6 or above IOS 7 or above
Android 4.0.3 or above Android 4.1 or above
Not Required Windows 7 or above

CDJ eBook Reader Guide

1. Your CDJ Reader interface will look like this when logged in (CDJapan login)

2. To download books, click on "List" and a catalog of your purchased items will be displayed like the following:

3. Click download, and books will appear on your "Book Shelf" and it will be available locally once the download is completed.

CDJ eBook Reader Guide

Download purchased contents using the Neowing Reader is basically the same with CDJ Reader on mobile devices.

Downloads on the PC will sync to your mobile devices.

More Details please see here.