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Alive / Iron Hornet

To Know You *Special Edition (AVC1-83919) Added!

Tour Schedule *Aug 10th Updated

2017 Do As Infinity Concerts outside of Japan

You can say that this is the dream collaboration we rarely ever seen, and at the same time, you might have wondered why this dream team haven't made so far as they both have done lots of brilliant works beyond categories of music, anime, and game up to this time.

Even just taking several titles, we can immediately understand that both have done such a great work:

Do As Infinity

"Kimi ga Inai Mirai" (an intro theme for the TV anime series "Inuyasha Kanketsu Hen")
"Tasogare" (the outro theme for the game software "Sengoku BASARA 3 - Utage -")
"Mysterious Magic" (an intro theme for the TV anime series "Fairy Tail")

Hiroyuki Sawano

"BEST OF SOUNDTRACK [emU]," which includes the best tracks he made for the popular works such as "Attack On Titan," "Sengoku BASARA," and "Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn."

And . . . they finally placed their hands together strongly.

For new single "Alive / Iron Hornet," Sawano made two different songs based on a concept of making an episode for a fictional movie. The two are made with a different sound approach to stand opposed to each other like the movie's intro and outro themes.

This would be the beginning of a new era for Do As Infinity, who is welcoming the 17th anniversary of their career and is touring worldwide from this July. *Sep schedule added!
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"Alive / Iron Hornet" Can Packaging Edition Details

Do As Infinity / 2017.06.28 New Single -teaser trailer- Sound Produced by Hiroyuki Sawano

Do As Infinity / Alive -Music Video- Sound Produced by Hiroyuki Sawano

2017 World Tour Schedule

Date: July 1st
Venue: Lunario Auditorio Nacional
Mexico City, MEX

Date: July 4th
Venue: Teatro Vortex
Buenos Aires, ARG

Date: July 7th
Venue: Transamerica Expo Center
Sao Paulo, Brazil
*Part of "Anime Friends 2017"

Date: Unknown
Venue: Polideportivo Estadio Nacional
Santiago, Chile
*Part of "Anime Friends 2017"

Date: August 12th
Venue: ATT Show Box2
Taipei, TWN

Date: September 3rd
Venue: Ecopark
Ancol, Jakarta
*Main Act in "NAKAMA Festival 2017 - MACHI -"

Date: September 23rd
Venue: Capitol Theatre

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