This flat and square-shaped brush features a fine edge for even distribution and blending of liquid foundation or cream foundation on the face. Perfect brush for under eyes and around the nose area. It allows for more control on the level of coverage, which enables the flexibility to work on building sheer layers.

Made with Sokoho,high-quality goat hair, this cheek brush will give you a gentle touch on the cheek. The soft and fluffy bristles help to blend in the blush nicely, which result in a vibrant color that looks perfectly natural.

This handy tapered face brush is made with Sokoho, one of the most expensive goat hair types. Easy to use with both liquid/ cream and powder foundation, this brush magnifies the coverage of your foundation, but maintains a naturally beautiful look.

Made with Hakuototsuho, good quality goat hair, this angled face brush allows an easy and (perfect) application of powder foundation from any angle. Great for use with cheek, soft contouring and a natural finishing touch. Not to mention the elegant blue handle that will make you satisfied.

This cute flower, made with Sokoho, high-quality goat hair, has an outstanding soft texture. Great for distributing loose powder over larger areas, such as sweeping bronzer along your temple, cheekbone and jaw line. It’s also excellent for applying cheek color.