Last Update Info (Mar 19)

Everyone, thank you very much for your participation. Let us finish CDJapanStory.
All of us have been encouraged with your stories, and we are very happy to know that we are being a part of your stories.
As we've done it so far, in next decade, we will do our best to help you meet your needs on products/things in Japan.
Thank you very much, again. And we hope you keep supporting us.

Adam Shared Us A Great Post! (Mar 13 Updated)

It is really great to see that one of Story tellers wearing our logo T-shirt! Thank you very much for letting us know!! Thank you Adam, これからもよろしくお願いします!!!

Christina Shared Us A Great Post! (Mar 5 Updated)

We are very happy to see that Christina Burnfield, one of CDJapanStory tellers, let us know that the T-shirt has arrived safe and sound!!

To all of us at CDJapan, this is not simply an Instagram post, this one image tells us that we can be part of your "CDJapanStory."

Thank you, Christina! And thank you all for visiting CDJapan and making a great journey with us. We just want to say thank you very much for everyone's warm support over the years. (might sound a little exaggerated and emotional but it's how we truly feel!!!)

From zztoluca (United States of America)

When I got my first package from CDJapan. Seeing the care that goes in handling our goods and packaging so they arrive unharmed. Even when the box gets crushed, items were intact with zero damage. Its why I always come back to shop.

Thank you very much zztoluca! We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with our packaging quality.
We've detailed how our shipping process goes on "Inside CDJapan" series. If you haven't read it yet, it would be great that you read it when you have time.

From Sakaki (Australia)

My very first purchase from CDJapan was the Love Enhanced Singles Collection CD by Namie Amuro which I bought back in 2008. I can't even remember how I came across you guys but I am so glad I did! I was so excited to find somewhere to import Japanese CDs from because as you could imagine, there really wasn’t anywhere here in Australia to get them.

Thanks to CDJapan I've been able to continue my love for collecting jpop and following my favourite artists' releases to this day.

It all began with Namie Amuro and has grown to Koda Kumi, Perfume, Anna Tsuchiya, Kanon Wakeshima, Amano Tsukiko and Ai Otsuka to name a few. I have recently begun to purchase makeup brushes and figures from you as well and as always, they are packaged well and arrive fast.

I've continued to shop with CDJapan because they are extremely reliable; I've never had any major problems. I am so grateful to them for their wonderful service over the years. I wish you guys all the best for the future.

Thank you very much Sakaki for sharing the history of your favorites, and we are grateful to hear that you finally met your favs at our shop!
Also, we are extremely excited finding the artists on your list because they are very unforgettable great names for us as wee, especially Namie Amuro.

From Kero (USA)

My very first CDJapan purchase was in the fall of 2009, it was a Lucky Star Figma figure. I gave it to my very cute and young niece as a Christmas gift, she very much enjoyed receiving the figure. She was inspired and started to draw the figure in different poses.

She is in High School now and gets the highest marks in all her art classes. She has become an excellent artist, I enjoy looking through her sketch books. Her favorite show currently is Osomatsu San.

I am so proud of my Otaku niece, she is my hope for the future. Thank you CDJapan for making this possible!

Thank you Kero for sharing your heartwarming story, and very excited to hear that your niece inspired by the Lucky Star Figma figure and she has become an excellent artist! We are very honored to being a part of that story. Hope someday you would send us a great work by the artist. We will pleased to share it.

From Francielen (Brazil)

The first experience that i had with CD japan was actually a present from someone very special for me, at least back then.

Regardless of that, it was my first AKB48 CD. The first of many that i would buy for my collection. Having that CD in my hands, physically, it made me feel really Happy.

I still have the gift card with me, and i thank the CD japan to exist. without it i would had taken much more time to acquire all my very important collection items.

It is grateful that you shared such a special memory, and we are very happy to be part of the story. It would be great that we can be a place help making such a precious memory for all of you visiting CDJapan, and we will do our best.

From Christina Burnfield

Discovering you guys was a dream come true. I grew up throughout the 90s (born in the mid 80s) loving Japanese entertainment.

My first series (and still a classic favorite) was Sailor Moon. My cousin brought a VHS tape back from a trip to Japan when i was about 7 years old. I honestly didn't understand a word but i was instantly walking around the house emulating the characters.

As time passed i found more anime as well as live action movies and then in 1997 i heard L'Arc-en-ciel and Namie Amuro for the first time from a new student i had in my class. Her family had just moved to Canada.

Two years later i first heard Ayu and then in January 2001 was when i first got introduced to my all time favorite Queen Kumi Koda. Amongst those all, I also got introduced over the years to many more music artists and series which I've fallen in love with.

However at first there wasn't much of anywhere to get any of this stuff aside from a bit of anime, and back then many anime series were released badly cut and edited here in Canada.

I believe my first purchase from you was Ayu's RAINBOW album. I remember seeing the cover on the website and being instantly mesmorized by it. I had only heard one song from it, an instrumental at that, of the song Voyage before deciding to take my chances of buying online.

I had been constantly told prior to that several horror stories about online shopping. Everything went exceptionally well though.

Best service ever, even better than I get walking into local stores here for any type of product. I received my CD about a week later. I had gotten first press which gave me the 00 track along with a cute little "A" logo Ayu Rainbow tin drink coaster. I was just as mezmorized by the CD disk and booklet. It was gorgeous.

Then I put on the CD itself and fell just as in love with every song. After that I've been buying all my jpop from you guys along with the odd bit of anime and kpop and I think a few collectible items too. Never had a bad experience once.

Thank you very much Christina always, and very appreciate that you help others a lot in our community. We are happy to know your history related to us, and it made our team stronger.

From 鄧煒翰

99% of the items/goods in my profile-picture and cover-photo comes from CD-Japan's 代行 service. Fell in love with IKIMONOGAKARI 3 years ago and was seeking to buy their albums & goods to support their music but there wasn't any here where I live...

I searched on the internet and found out about CD-Japan one night; I was especially happy with the 'let CD-Japan do the shopping for you!' concept. Hassle-free payment and shipping.

I wish to say thank you to all CD-Japan staff (from admin to warehouse) for job well-done.

Thank you very much! We are very honored to hear that because our 代行 service (proxy shopping) is relatively new for us.
Hope you will support us as we have a plan to start new service in the future . . . !

Story of CDJapan

CDJapan Official 2017 Timeline

Submission Form *Application is over, thank you very much!

Application Form: CDJapan Story Project

Submission Period

Between December 13 - January 12, 2018

How This Project Works

Soon after we received a certain amount of great stories, we would like to introduce them on this page and our news letters.
And after the period is over, as a little souvenir, we will send a CDJapan rare T-shirt (prototype) to 2 lucky winners randomly selected from the story tellers.

CDJapan Logo T-shirt (Prototype / Body: United Athle / Size randomly selected from XS or S.)

This T-shirt is not for sale, and is something like a novelty rather than a piece of clothing.
We just made only 2 for prototyping for future, and this is one of a kind item (little exaggeration here).
Even our staff do not have it, and . . . it would be great that you display it in your room.

Notes on T-shirt

This is not a new T-shirt, and we washed it several times.
We printed the logo by hand, and it may has little spots caused by the printing process.