2017 is the 20th anniversary of CDJapan. This page looks back at this commemorative year by focusing on the projects that we’ve been doing, some were for the first time ever in our history.
We’d be extremely glad if you become more interested in Japanese Entertainment & Pop Culture, and of course CDJapan in the past year. And, we've already begun to make exciting plans for the coming year of 2018, so keep your eyes on us!
Thank you for a wonderful year!

APR: CDJ Top40

CDJ Top40 is an official music sales chart catered for fans outside of Japan. We will tally up the numbers every Thursday to bring you a comprehensive list of charts based on confirmed sales (i.e. shipped orders, does not include pre-orders nor sales of formats other than physical copies) in the export market.

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JUN: Ocharaku Sample Trials

Ocharaku Reviwer

In this offer, we called for reviewers to try out Ocharaku, a pair of Japanese made high-end Japan-made headphone for free. Thankfully, we received more than 200 applications from customers.
Let us introduce you a great review by jinxy245, one of our lucky customers!

Detailed Review from Our First International Free Trial Offer

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AUG: #CDJapanHaul

Hashtag #CDJapanHaul in your tweet or Instagram post, and you will automatically be featured on our social media. Seeing everyone’s great shopping haul photos means a lot to us!
Thank you so much for sharing your shopping experience with CDJapan.

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AUG: Youtube Unbox Giveaways

“CDJapan Unbox Giveaway” is where we pick up great stuffs, unbox them, and give them away! Though we could do only two GiveAway(s) this year, please expect more in the upcoming year!
(We love doing Give Away, you love participating in Give Away comps, just that “deadline-chan” really hates it)

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SEP: Inside CDJapan

"Inside CDJapan" is a walk-through to the “behind-the-scenes” of CDJapan. The article features “how we ship Japanese Pop Culture to your doors, no matter where you are!”, step-by-step!
We'd be appreciated if you could come to understand us more through this project.

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NOV: Coupons!!!

Together with our special deals and offers, we’ve issued various types of coupon, 13 to be precise! We hope they could imrpove your relationship with “wallet-chan” and “wallet-kun”!

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DEC: CDJapan Story Project:
A Look Back, and Beyond

"Before closing the 20th year of CDJapan, let us start a collaboration project between you and us. Could you share your cherished moment with CDJapan?"

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