Koyudo brushes originated from a long tradition of calligraphy brush making in Japan. These brushes are handmade by skilled artisans, who put in a great effort to bring you the softest and smoothest touch on the skin...Read more

The BP series features a comprehensive range of brushes, which will let you achieve your desired look in an instant. Ranging from foundation, cheek, to highlighter and eye shadow brushes, they will be your best make-up companions...Read more

Koyudo’s all time best sellers, the fu-pa. The series features a complete line up of brushes, specializing in base make-up, foundation. The fu-pa is especially good with powder, mineral and liquid foundations...Read more

Koyudo’s Kabuki brushes have been known for their irresistibly cute design and ultra-smooth texture. The name was inherited from a Japanese traditional performing art, Kabuki, where actors need to wear a thick, full make-up that can completely cover the face...Read more

The designer make-up brushes are made from the finest hair, using advance techniques, and by the most skillful craftsmen in the country. Comes in various shapes and usages, these brushes will deliver a heavenly soft touch, which work beautifully with any skin type...Read more