Brush Comb

Combing bristles while they are wet removes the dirt from inside and makes it less entangled bristles. Great for caring of powder brush, blush brush with a dense head. It is best to care brushes with a dense head such as powder brush, blush brush.By using a comb, dirt that does not fall off by hand washing will fall firmly. It is the same comb that the craftsmen actually use in Kumano. The length of the hand is easy to use for everyone.

Brush Shampoo

Washing with a bar soap of soap does not have a problem, but with these shampoo it also easily removes dirt and is also gentle to your skin.

Brush Cover

Attaching the brush cover after using the brush is important to keep the brush clean. By attaching a cover, you can keep the shape of the tip at the beginning of use and help brush always perform best.

For powder brush

For blush brush

For eyeshadow brush