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Matcha Starter Set

When people talk about Japanese green tea, many people may think about Matcha.
CDJapan sells Matcha from Osada Seicha, one of the best Japanese green tea manufacturers in Shizuoka, the largest producer of tea in Japan.

Let's begin our ceremony, starting with "Mori no Matcha."
*This ceremony can be completed just by preparing the following Matcha Starter Set.

How to Make Matcha with "Nono"

About Nono (野乃)

Nono is a thin tea matcha made at Osada's tea garden surrounded by nature with clear air. Tea leaves are vacuum-packed everyday as soon as they are grounded by a millstone to maintain the tea's freshness and it's bright green color. Comes in a zippered package for long-lasting freshness and rich flavor.

About Matcha

Matcha is covered with a sheet to protect it from sunlight (覆下栽培 = oishita cultivation method).
From there it is steamed, dried, and crushed whole with a stone mortar. The powder created is what is called matcha. Since the tea leaves are completely dissolved in the hot water, matcha is an excellent source of vitamins C and E as well as fiber. Fresh matcha should be a lively, light green color though beware that old matcha may turn more golden with age.

Though the preparation of matcha is associated with strict, ceremonious steps, in truth it's quite simple to prepare. As long as you have a chasen (bamboo tea whisk) and a large cup, you can make matcha. Matcha can be either ousu (お薄 = 薄茶 = light) or okoicha (お濃茶 = 濃茶 = strong), though we recommend you start with ousu if you're a beginner. The soft taste of matcha is like a breath of fresh air, and matcha tastes great when mixed with milk as well.

Preparing Matcha: Ousu (お薄 = 薄茶 = light)

  • Pour boiling water into your teacups, insert the chasen (茶筅 = bamboo whisk) into the water, and stir. By dipping the chasen in hot water you'll soften the tip of the chasen and make it easier to stir.
  • If you are preparing ousu use roughly 2 grams of powder per person. This is equal to roughly 2 heaping spoonfuls from a chashaku (Japanese tea scoop) or 1 normal spoonful from a regular teaspoon.
  • Throw out the water already in your teacups and dry them out before adding matcha. After the boiled water has cooled to roughly 80C (176F), briskly pour the water into the teacups (roughly 60 ml per person).
  • Once you've added the water, briskly and quickly mix the powder and water with your chasen. The secret to properly mixing matcha is to stir with your wrist while lifting the chasen up and down.
  • Stir for roughly 15 seconds and you should see small bubbles all over your matcha. Now it is ready to drink.

Matcha Starter Set: Mori no Matcha Nono, Whisk, Tea Scoop

Osada Seicha Japanese Green Tea Complete Listing

Alternative for a Casual & Effortless Tea Life

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