Donguri Series from Surround

Surround's Donguri lineup is made based on the masterpiece headphones Donguri - Keyaki - by Ocharaku, a world-acclaimed manufacturer in Japan. Although Keyaki is surely a great product, it is a bit pricey for over 50,000yen for using carefully selected materials.

So, Surround went another path.

They lowered the cost by replacing its materials to relatively reasonable ones while still applying two main features Donguri - Keyaki - has: unique housing design & Tornado Equalizer. It didn't finished just replacing materials. Changing a part of the housing material to high-grade aluminum and doing a different tuning, they put different characteristics on Dounguri Syou KURENAI/HAGANE.

Donguri- Syou KURENAI ver./HAGANE ver.

Using Tornado Equalizer Developed by Ex-SONY Engineer

Ocharaku's patented acoustic technology, Tornado Equalizer Circuit, is applied.

Resonance, which is the most significant factor of sound deterioration of canal type headphones, at around 6 kHz generated by occluded ear canal is suppressed.

Additionally, applying the acoustic turbo circuit to the transducer variably controls the equivalent mass in the vibrating system depending on frequency. By doing so, it realized both enhancing deep bass range and improving the sensitivity in midrange

By taking an advantage of single transducer, Donguri series smoothly reproduces from ultra-low to ultra-high tone ranges.

More details available on Surround's official page (English) *Tornado Equalizer Circuit is Ocharaku's patented acoustic technology

Aluminum Body

The biggest feature of Donguri Syou is applying high-grade aluminum on a part of the housing, and it clarifies the edges of the sound and gives the sound very high resolution.

Donguri-KURENAI ver.

By taking an advantage of its aluminum housing, Donguri-KURENAI reproduces a very clear treble sound. At the same time, natural materials are used inside to suppress the cabinet’s incidental sound to assist the crystal clear resounding. Aluminum is also used on plug-grip and cable brunch part for a sophisticated appearance.

It comes with two types of earbud tips: Comply (low rebound polyurethane / Size: M) and SpinFit (Size: S, M, L). You can enjoy the sound differences by changing them. Also, try changing them when you feel ear fatigue after long use. *Comply is attached in advance.

Donguri-HAGANE ver.

Donguri-HAGANE, which was released after KURENAI, comes with a different tuning to slightly suppress the treble that KURENAI has. By doing so, HAGANE reproduces the sound relatively lower while keeping the treble.

It comes with two types of earbud tips as well: Comply (low rebound polyurethane / Size: M) and SpinFit (Size: S, M, L). *SpinFit is attached in advance.

Tea Caddy-Like Package

Although it totally looks like a tea caddy, of course it is not.
Once you open it, the headphones carefully wrapped in a blue cloth appeared, which will give you a sense of warmth.
You'll be excited before open it. Of course, it will be a perfect gift as well.
*Package design of KURENAI and HAGANE are the same, except for a label.

Donguri- Syou KURENAI ver./HAGANE ver.

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