New game titles from a long‐established game manufacturer "PROTOTYPE Co., Ltd." have a really useful English option to help your immersive experience. This English option applies not only for main scenes but also settings and digital manuals, and you can change languages whenever you want (at this stage, voice is Japanese only). We've prepare scenes with English subtitles from game scenes so that you can get a whole picture of them. Hope they could help your shopping.

"The Fruit of Grisaia"

"The Fruit of Grisaia" series is one of the masterpieces in the history of Japanese visual novels, and it has been adopted in several other mediums such as anime and manga. This product compiles the three from the series ("The Fruit of Grisaia," "The Labyrinth of Grisaia," and "The Eden of Grisaia") and is available for Nintendo Switch.


"Fatal Twelve" was launched for PC in March 2018 as a "suspense Visual novel," and has been digitally distributed via Stream. Highly acclaimed worldwide with with its sophisticated script and unique story: Twelve people who have lost their lives are gathered by "The Goddess of Fate,'' and challenge the game that bet on resurrection.


"CLANNAD" was made as the third work from Key, a brand under Visual Arts, a Japanese publishing company who produced "Kanon" and "AIR." Visual Arts established a category so-called "泣きゲー" (emotional games making players cry). Since the release of its Windows edition on April 28, 2004, following its high popularity, "CLANNAD" has been adopted in many other mediums such as TV anime, movie, manga, drama CD, and character merchandise.