Entry is super easy. Just post a photo of your treasure with hashtag, #CDJapanShare on your twitter or instagram timelines.

Take a look around your surroundings and you will notice many things related to Japan like: your room (posters?), town (signboards?), textbooks (kanji?), restaurants (sushi?), stores (manga?), etc. We of course accept your great memories in Japan.

Found something? Okay, now you get a ticket to our #CDJapanShare project.


Simple Rules
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Simple Rules

  • On your twitter or instagram timelines, just post a photo of your treasure with a hashtag, #CDJapanShare.
  • Anything is OK as long as it is related to Japan. *It's ok if you think it is related to Japan.
  • It would be great if you could share a story or your passion for it.

Before we start, let's take a look at examples CDJapan staffs taken in their daily lives.

Remember, these are just examples and you don't need to have a whole showcase. It can be better that you share a thing that means a lot to you.
Lastly, again, feel completely free to post. ANYTHING is OK as long as you think it is a Japanese thing/product/place!

All The Eligible Posts with #CDJapanShare (Updated Regularly)

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I haven’t done any serious studying since I took N4. All I did these past weeks was read manga or any book I feel like reading at the time and listen to music. x I am torn between rushing with my studies so that I can apply for a relevant job where I can use my Japanese language skills on one hand. And on the other hand is taking my time and enjoy the learning process. x But then, I am not so young anymore and I feel like I have to do everything now. x But then again, the whole point of living is to be able to do the things that make us happy, right? 😁 x #artio #jpop #japanesesongs #aimer #applemusic #cdjapanshare #japanesestudy #studyjapaneselanguage #studyjapanese #selfstudyjapanese #japanesestudygram #nihongojapanese #japaneselanguagestudy #studygram #studygrammer #rk01 #earphones #songlyrics #songsandlyrics #nihongolearning #japaneselearnerph #japaneselearning #japaneselearner #nopressure #yourenevertooold #yourenevertoooldtolearn

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It’s been a week now since I received these earphones from @cdjapan for trial and review. This product is made by an upcoming Japanese earphones company “Artio” which boasts of Japanese technology and artisan craftsmanship. This particular earphones called RK01 is just the second and the latest of their earphone releases. x I have a lot on my mind to say about the earphones which I don’t think will all fit in one post so let’s start with the... I. PACKAGING, VISUALS and FIRST IMPRESSION x Honestly, I was surprised when I saw the product. The box itself already gives an aura of class. I don’t about you but I’m used to seeing earphones on display in its thick plastic casing where one can immediately see the earphones from the outside. So it felt different to see the same item packaged so differently in a thick box with a velvet-like cushion inside for the earpieces. The product was carefully packaged in a white box with minimal design which includes the brand logo. x The package consists of: 1.) the earpieces (detached from the wire-I’m not used to this either 😅) 2.) 3 cable wires - 1 for the usual smart gadgets and 2 others which I suppose are for other kinds of electric device (these have a different pole plug). 3.) a stylish purse for the earphones which according to the product description is genuine leather (and I think this is true 😁) 4.) 2 pairs of extra silicone ear tips 5.) warranty card and 6.) product manual x So far, for first impression the product is PERFECT for the image that I think it wants to portray. SIMPLE but ELEGANT. x I think, though that it would be better if the warranty card as well as the manual will have an english translation, for the benefit of possible customers who might not be well versed in Japanese. x On my next post sometime next week, I will talk about my experience in using the earphones. Hopefully I will be able to make a youtube vlog (if I can muster enough courage...😅) Thank you for reading! じゃまたね! x

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The other day I finished reading the first volume of Re:member! It’s the manga edition of the novel of the same name, since it’s still publishing, I’ve to wait until the 2nd volume releases this summer ?? I was sad when I watched Idolish7 and Re:vale barely made an appearance on the anime… they do at least talk on the special episodes that were later released on youtube though, BUT NOT ENOUGH ?? This series is really interesting to read if you like Re:vale and Banri (yeah, that guy who works at Idolish7’s company and is honestly too pretty to be just a normal worker/manager lol), since the anime didn’t give much information about them. The art is also done by Arina Tanemura, who basically designed all the characters for the series and has actually drawn some of the Idolish7 mangas ? Fun fact or something: even though I like Idolish7 my fave members are not from the group because I like TRIGGER’s Tsunashi and both Momo and Yuki from Re.Vale lmao And as always, please excuse my dirty af tablet screen because I still need to actually buy one that fits ?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #nerdyflatlay #kawaiilife #kawaiiness #flatlay #manga #kawaiilife #kawaiiness #flatlay #漫画 #漫画好きな人と繋がりたい #まんが #bookflatlay #mangagram #mangacollection #mangalove #CDJapanShare #idolish7 #アイナナ #大神万理

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Sharing with you a fond memory 2 years back ?? . It's been raining nonstop since this morning so I didn't push through with my plans for today. Instead, I went to the supermarket to pick up some items and walk around the neighborhood where I'm staying. On my way back, I saw these two men fishing in a pond in a small park nearby so I decided to sit down, have a picnic and watch. After this, I'll go back to the guest house and catch up on Naruto or review some Japanese ???? Sometimes it feels so good being spontaneous about not really having to do anything in particular. . #cdjapanshare #throwbackthursday #throwback #tokyo #tokyotravel #solotraveller #solotravel #picnic #rainyday #culturalimmersion #ひまなとき #暇なとき #何もない #nakano

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