First, let me begin with two hot comments to:

Surround Co-Donguri SHIZUKU In-Ear Headphones



Co-Donguri SHIZUKU In-Ear Headphones

If you looking a good companion for your travelling - this item must be the one. The sound is clear due to wide frequency range and dynamics are pleasant too. Simply comfortable in use.

(2016/10/15 Ishchenko GERMANY)




Less means more

Simply put, it's superb. It may be listed as a pair of budget earphones but seriously it packs a punch. It works well with Jpop music, since I personally love Jpop music the Co-donguri is a great pairing for those Jpop music lovers I daresay.

(2016/09/28 Miss D MALAYSIA)


Thank both of you! Co-Donguri SHIZUKU is made with a concept of "affordable high quality" by a Japanese headphone brand "Surround."

"Surround" realized quality and a low price at the same time while using a cutting edge technology Tornado Equalizer developed by an ex-SONY engineer, the legendary engineer of Ocharaku.

We also received a great comment on a unique product from "Surround," writing for:

Surround Chonmagekun In-Ear Headphones



Clear sound & comfortable design

I bought these earphones based on the description that they are good for listening to voices. I use them with my iPhone and computer to listen to radio shows and they produce a very clear sound and are good at reducing the background sound when listening to people talk. For listening to music, they reduce the bass so the singing voice sounds louder and are okay for when you want to focus on the singing voice. They have a comfortable in-ear fit that is good when listening for longer periods of time. Quite a good purchase!!

(2016/10/15 Skyn AUSTRALIA)


Thank you very much Skyn for reading the description on "Chonmagekun In-Ear Headphones" ! It is great to hear that you like its unique feature.

We this time pick up a high-grade audio cable by ZONOTONE, one of the greatest audio cable manufacturers in Japan.

ZONOTONE RCA Interconnect Cable (1.2m x 2) Silver Granster AC-1001a



First Zonotone Experience

The Silver Granster AC-1001a is my first Zonotone product purchased. The built quality of cables are very good which look very nice. The shiny RCA connectors fit snugly into the sockets but are not overly tight. I used the cables to connect my Schitt Bifrost DAC and Elekit TU-8300R tube amplifier. My initial impression was that the treble is more refined. The sound image is more solid and the locations of various musical instruments and the voice of the singer are more precise. The bass which was a bit bloomy before seems in more control. In sum, I am very satisfied with the product.

(2016/10/10 Nam Wong HONG KONG)


Thank you Nam Wong for giving us a very detailed review for the product! It will definitely help others.

As for ZONOTONE, they just have released their new lineup, "Royal Spirit" to commemorate their 10th anniversary. It is, as the product title indicated well, one of the highest series from them.
We made a feature page for the series along with the brief history of ZONOTONE. Please check it out as well!

We can say that 2016 is the year of headphone cable replacement. Makers have dropped new lineups to meet the rising demand.
We've made a feature page for such new masterpieces. Check it out if you want to go another great world of listening experience! Let's Get Started: Replacement of Earphone/Headphone Cable

These are the 2016 highlights on audio accessories.
Thank you very much for reading through.

Finally, to better plan our future promotions, we are extremely interested in finding out your favorite on audio accessories/component.
We are very glad to see your ideas, requests, and reviews on them, anytime!

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