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About Viewer for PC

How to Use Viewer

The viewer switches automatically, according to the format of eBooks.

FORMAT : .book

Move the pointer of your mouse either to the left side or the right side of the window. Click on the arrow to go to next page or to go back.

1 Go to next page.
2 Go back to previous page.


1 Buttons (Starting from the left)
Click on the left to minimize.
Click on the middle to maximize.
Click on the right to close.
2 Change font size.
3 Change screen color.
4 Go to next page.
5 Go back to previous page.
6 Buttons (Starting from the left)
Go to next page
Go to next line
Go back to previous line
Go back to previous page


1.MinimizeMinimize viewer size
2.MaximizeMaximize viewer size
3.CloseClose viewer
4.Table of Contents & BookmarksDisplay Table of Contents of the eBook and bookmarked pages
5.Bookmark Bookmark the page
6.Enlarge SliderSlide to enlarge display
7.Page SliderSlide to jump to a specific page you'd like to read
8.BackClick to go back to previous page