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The Collector's Den Bored with the same old recycled movie plots? Music that sounds like it was created from the same old formula? Well, in Japan, anything goes. Creativity isn't limited to a recipe. It may sound familiar at first, but it's guaranteed to go in a direction you'd never expect. I'm here to tell you about some of the rare and exciting titles CDJapan has to offer that are not just for lovers of Japanese music and video.
What do we know that you might not know? Well, read on and discover a culture of boundless imagination where nothing is impossible!
The Collector's Den
by David Hirsch
former Starlog Editor

Welcome to "The Collector's Den

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David vs Godzilla
David Vs. Godzilla
Ginza, Tokyo
September 2003

Welcome to the final edition of "The Collector's Den." When I proposed this column three years ago, the goal was to highlight new and exciting product with a more detailed review of the contents. Now, thanks to the many reviews our customers have submitted on their purchases, we've reached our ultimate goal. It's very exciting to see it all come together, just like we discussed when I made my first visit to the CDJapan office.

So, for one last time, here are some recent releases I think you'll like.


This month, "Azumi" finally reaches America and I began the think about the two women responsible for bringing this popular manga character to life on screen. "Two women?" you ask skeptically? Yes! Naturally you have first the multi-talented Aya Ueto whom, when she's not slicing and dicing the bad guys, can be found singing her heart out for her legion of fans.

Aya Ueto
Best of Aya Ueto -Single Collection- Premium Edition [CD+DVD] Single collection release from Aya Ueto features 17 of her best singles including "Pureness," "Kizuna," "Hello," "Message," "Personal," "Kansho," "Mermaid," "Binetsu," "Ai no Tame ni," "Kaze," "Okuru . . .
Sold Out
CD | 2006/09/20 | 3500yen Samples
Mina Ganaha
Kaze, Hikaru
In Stock at Supplier:Usually ships in 2-4 days
CD | 2006/04/26 | 2913yen Samples
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Animation Soundtrack
Blood+ Original Soundtrack 2 Second original soundtrack to the anime series "BLOOD+." . . .
In Stock at Supplier:Usually ships in 2-4 days
CD | 2006/09/27 | 3000yen Samples
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Sci-Fi Live Action
Ultraman Mebius Original Soundtrack 1 First ever original soundtrack to "Ultraman" fortieth anniversary commemorative series "Ultraman Mebius" composed by Mr. Ultrasound himself, Toshihiko Sahashi. Also includes the new song "Wandaba" fr . . .
Sold Out
CD | 2006/07/26 | 2800yen
Sci-Fi Live Action
Ultraman Mebius Song Collection Song collection from Project DMM for the "Ultraman" fortieth anniversary sci-fi/live action series "Ultraman Mebius." Includes the main theme, the song "Run Through - Wandaba Team Guys" (played durin . . .
Sold Out
CD | 2006/08/30 | 2800yen Samples
Sci-Fi Live Action
Tokuballa - Otokonaki! Tokusatsu Hero Ballads Tokusatsu ballads by iIsao Sasaki, Ichiro Mizuki, Akira Kushida and more. Digitally remastered. . . .
Sold Out
CD | 2006/05/24 | 2300yen Samples


The Peanuts
Hiroshi Miyagawa The Peanuts Complete Thirty seven of the greatest hits from The Peanuts on two CDs. Also includes rare tracks. . . .
Backorder:Usually ships in 2-4 weeks
CD | 2006/09/06 | 2667yen Samples
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Koukaon (Sound Effects)
Sound EFX/BGM on Japanese Film Eiga no Kokaon / BGM Series 2 Hissatsu Collection of archival sounds from classic Shochiku films, this time focusing on action effects. . . .
Sold Out
CD | 2006/07/26 | 1905yen Samples
Koukaon (Sound Effects)
King Music Effect Library Vol.1 "Shizen 1"
Sold Out
CD | 2003/03/05 | 2381yen Samples

Well, there you have it. This doesn't mean I won't crop up from time to time reviewing product I've purchased! My thanks to all the readers who wrote in (many trying to explain "Oh. Mikey!" to me), the wonderful, hard working office staff who always had a warm welcome on my visits, and of course, our bosu Fumio Katagiri, who had the faith in me these last three years. Arigato!


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