- Steps to Place Your Engraving Request

*Engraving request won't be possible for existing orders before you send request.
*Only Pearl Pink Series, Pearl White Series, Gradation Beni, Walnut is available for engraving.

1. Send Details by email

Send us a URL on CDJapan or a Catalog No (NEOTBK-) you'd like to engrave as well as details (such as product name, the name you want to engrave, quantity) via email.
Alphabet, Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji are available. 

Please send a request email to jcraft@neowing.co.jp 


Engraving request

Catalog No: NEOTBK-24
Koyomo Pearl Pink Series Nadeshiko Shadow Brush (Flat)
Name: CDJapan 美 
Quantity: 1

2. CDJapan make your product page

We will check your request and confirm to manufactures if they can engrave your request. After we get confirmation from them, we will make your product page and list in on our site. Then an email will be send you the links to them on our site. 
We won't be able to accept order from normal product page. 

3. Place Order

Place your order on CDJapan as your normally do. After the payment is completed, we will actually go buy the brushes and send them as we normally send our orders.

-Engraving Fees


*We won't be able to accept cancellation and refund won't be possible after a engraving request order is finalized.

*Engraving request won't be possible for existing orders before you send request.

*You can't select cursive-looking font, size of characters and engraving color.

ymbols like ! ☆ ★ ※ ♪ and space are not available for engraving

*Such as the old Chinese characters and symbols, there is a character you can not use.

*We accept only EMS / Registered Air Mail / Registered SAL  for the order including engraving service.

*It will take more weeks for us to ship for the order including engraving service.

*Please place an order from the product page we send by email to you. 

*Please note that there are some items that we do not engrave due to the material, pattern or manufacturer's recommendations.

*Free shipping offer applies to engraved brush.

*If you have a 
request to translate English name into Hiragana or Kanji, please feel free to contact us.