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Updated on Nov 21th

mxemmm and Jardel Matos (Otoya) have shared their great collection by using videos! Thank you very much both of you.

On #CDJapanHaul posts, we are always greatful that people sharing not only pictures but also videos.

Updated on Nov 17th

Masa Suni posted a big bunch of classical rock titles. Thank you!

I think that many have many reasons to buy pop & rock titles at CDJapan. Among them, I guess "Japan edition only bonus tracks" may be a major reason.

Let us share one magic search word -- as some may have known well -- for pop & rock titles with Japan only bonus tracks. That is, "Japan Bonus Track"! (hmm, as it is, though . . . )

This way, if you want it, you can grab a big picture of pop & rock titles with Japan only bonus tracks.

Search Results with the magic word "Japan Bonus Track"

Updated on Nov 8th

Along with a CDJapanHaul pic, shaun_japsay quoted a beautiful verse of the lyrics from Faye Wong's "Eyes On Me" LP edition. One of the greatest choruses in the game/music industry that can never be forgotten. Thank you for your CDJapanHaul pic and purchasing it from us.

By the way, we are offering products regarding vinyl records. To keep your gems in a mint condition or to play it in a high-quality, how about using them?

All The Eligible Posts with #CDJapanHaul (Updated Daily)

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